Heifer International

Heifer International is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending world hunger and saving the earth by providing livestock, trees, training and other resources to help poor families around the globe become self-reliant. Since it began in 1944, Heifer has worked directly and indirectly with 13 million families in more than 126 countries and in 38 U.S. states.

Animals from Heifer International provide milk, eggs, plowing power and other benefits that for families across the planet can mean improved nutrition, education for children, health care, improved housing and literally a new way of life.

What makes Heifer unique is the practice known as “passing on the gift.” Families receiving animals agree to pass on the first offspring – or an appropriate equivalent – to another family in need, starting a chain of giving that often touches thousands of lives. But Heifer International’s most striking qualities are its simplicity and effectiveness. In short, Heifer’s common-sense approach to sustainable development works – one family at a time.

Dan West, founder of Heifer International
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Oficina Principal del Proyecto Heifer en Bolivia
Calle Carlos Flores Edificio Nro. 7 Oficina 3B, entre calle 13 y 14
Calacoto, La Paz | Bolivia
T: +591.2.2971844

Heifer Bolivia en Santa Cruz
Avenida Moscú Nro. 678
Santa Cruz de la Sierra | Bolivia
T: +591.3.3557235 • +591.3.3557918
F: +591.3.3557412

E-mail: info.bolivia@heifer.org
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